Karate demonstration wows Jacksplace!

Young people staying at Jacksplace got to enjoy some entertainment with a bit of a twist!

Karate 2016

Eastleigh and Southampton Karate Club came to the hospice at the weekend (Saturday 12th November) to perform a karate demonstration.

The young adults staying in the hospice got to watch as they showed us their impressive techniques! 

Nigel Hosking from the club said:

I have been studying Karate for over 30 years and it's always been a loyal and trusted friend throughout. Visiting the children and presenting Karate at Naomi House is a unique privilege and seeing the reaction of the children during and after completing our Karate demonstration is always a great pleasure. Many thanks to Sarah Hudson for coordinating the event, to all the staff and friends for supporting the event and a special thanks to the wonderful audience, I look forward to seeing everyone again next year. 

Sara Crean from our Activities Team commented:

We loved welcoming Eastleigh and Southampton Karate Club to the hospices! And it was great the children and young people got to watch something very different. A wonderful, stimulating event for everyone involved!

Sarah Hudson, Area Fundraiser for Naomi House & Jacksplace added:

We are very appreciative of the support we receive from Nigel and his colleagues at Eastleigh and Southampton Karate Club. It was wonderful that they were able to come in and do their demonstration for our children and young people who especially enjoyed Nigel breaking the board!