Family Stories

Each family has a different story to tell about the support the hospice has given them. We're incredibly thankful to those who have shared their story with us. Find out how Naomi House & Jacksplace makes such a huge difference to families in the videos and articles below.

Amelia's Story

Amelia is from Bournemouth and has been coming to Naomi House for respite since she was two and a half years old.

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Ollie's Story

Ollie was born with Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood, meaning any muscle in his body can become paralysed at any time. Ollie is a happy, cheeky boy that smiles constantly, loves people and loves life. This is his story.

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Ryan's Story

Ryan has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a genetic condition which gradually causes the muscles to weaken, leading to an increasing level of disability. This is his story, told by mum, Abbi.

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Faith's Story

Faith has Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that has a wide range of traits such as autism, ataxia, learning difficulties, speech delay and mobility problems. In her story, her parents talk about the importance of respite.

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