No matter how big or small your event is, every penny raised can make a real difference to the vital service we offer families.

Fundraising ideas:

Check out our A-Z Fundraising Ideas to get started.

Fundraising resources:

What do you need? We can send you:

  • Naomi House literature (our latest newsletter and information leaflet)
  • Posters to help promote your event/challenge
  • Banners
  • Stickers
  • Collection buckets/pots
  • Sponsorship forms
  • Clothing donation bags

Facebook Fundraising:

Facebook Fundraisers enable people to raise money for charity via Facebook. To find out more about Facebook Fundraisers and how you can setup your own, click here.

Download your supporter kit:

Contact us:

If you would like any of the above sent to you, please call our Supporter Team on 01962 760060 or email

Our Fundraising Promise:

Naomi House & Jacksplace are members of the Fundraising Regulator and strive to comply with the spirit and standards set out for charities involved in fundraising. The Fundraising Regulator works to ensure that organisations raising money from the public to do so honestly and properly aware of best practice in the use and exchange of personal data and representing the best interests of their beneficiaries. As members of the scheme, we follow the Code of Fundraising Practice and comply with the key principles embodied in the code. You can read our full Fundraising Promise here >>