Recycle Bike Hub raises £50,000

bike hub volunteers are smiling around a green bike

A small bike workshop is making a huge impact by recycling used bicycles and getting more people into cycling, whilst raising money for Naomi House & Jacksplace.

In just over two years, volunteer-run 'Recycle Bike Hub' has refreshed, repaired and sold over 600 bikes and raised a phenomenal £50,000 for our hospices!

The Recycle Bike Hub is made up of a group of volunteers who run a bike workshop, located inside the Naomi House & Jacksplace warehouse in Winchester. From there they refresh, repair and rebuild pre-loved bikes, making them “fit to ride”. Every bike sold is signed off by a qualified bike mechanic, giving the next owner the confidence to buy and ride the recycled bike. Generous financial donations cover the cost of the spare parts required to refurbish the donated bikes. This means that 100% of the sales price of every bike sold goes directly to supporting our hospices. 

Helena Maskell, Volunteer Services Manager, said:

The Bike Hub was initially launched with just two volunteers and has grown to a team of 12 volunteers over the past two years. Most of the team are keen cycling enthusiasts but it is their commitment and dedication to recycling the many donated bikes we receive, and to raise money for Naomi House & Jacksplace that has made the scheme such a success. We are extremely lucky to have such a great team of volunteers who not only do a fantastic job but enjoy their role and the companionship of the colleagues they work with.

— Helena Maskell
a refurbished blue bike with a basket

Richard Hollingdale, Co-Founder of Recycle Bike Hub and volunteer at Naomi House & Jacksplace, said:

When we started the project, we had three objectives: Stop bikes being lost to landfill, get more people cycling, and raise funds for a great charity – Naomi House & Jacksplace. Charity shops are the best place to shop if you want to be a sustainable consumer, utilising recycled goods, and supporting a greener community. It made sense to sell our recycled bikes directly through the charity, and the success has been greater than we could have imagined.

In just over two years, the bike workshop has recycled and sold over 600 bikes and raised £50,000.
In addition, the workshop has positively offset 60,000kg of carbon dioxide through recycling the unused bikes, and returning them to the road with new cyclists. A big thank you to everyone who has either donated or purchased one of our recycled bikes – that’s 50,000 worth of thank you's.

— Richard Hollingdale
recycle bike hub logo and bikes in the background

You can purchase the bikes refurbished by the Recycle Bike Hub, through three of our charity shops:

  • Chineham, Basingstoke

  • North End, Portsmouth

  • Shaftesbury

bike hub volunteer holding a kids bike and smiling


There is always a big demand for kids’ bikes, and with the high cost of purchasing new bikes there is no better place to get a recycled bike than from Naomi House & Jacksplace. Where every recycled bike is signed-off by a qualified bike mechanic.

If you would like to support the Recycle Bike Hub and our hospices, our bike workshop is looking for more donations of kids’ bikes. We aren't accepting adult bikes at this time. Kids' bikes can be donated to the Recycle Bike Hub located at the Naomi House & Jacksplace warehouse in Winnall, Winchester.

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Recycle Bike Hub

If you would like to support our hospices through purchasing refurbished bikes please visit our Chineham, North End or Shaftesbury charity shops. If you have a kids bike that you would like to donate, please visit our warehouse in Winchester.

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