6 peaks conquered within months of each other


In the beginning, Doug registered to do the Welsh Three Peaks prior to the global pandemic in early 2020. With no personal connection to the charity but born and raised in Winchester, he had heard of Naomi House & Jacksplace.

Soon after, Doug came across another of our events, the National Three Peaks challenge. This was something he has always wanted to do and without hesitation he signed up to take part in 2020.

My motivation was the ever-present feeling of underachievement in my life! Ha! That, and I believe we were put on this planet to make a difference.

I like to try and push myself with an event each year and doing both of these events was real motivation to be able to help, raise some funds and make a difference.

— Doug

Ultimately, the first lockdown meant that the majority of events had to be postponed, resulting in both events proceeding in 2021 with only two months between them.

Across the challenges Doug has raised a fantastic £1,711.25, which will make such a difference at Naomi House & Jacksplace.


Yes, it was massively daunting, doing both events within a relatively short time period, but I thought, what a great challenge to get people to donate to.

— Doug

Across the challenges Doug has raised a fantastic £1,711.25, which will make such a difference at Naomi House & Jacksplace.

His advice to anyone thinking about doing these challenges in the future is that training is a MUST. Doug didn’t train for the National Three Peaks and found that he wasn’t mentally prepared for walking three mountains in 24hrs. After training for the Welsh Three Peaks, he was more confident and happier all the way.

If you train, it makes the event far more enjoyable. You’ll make friends, it’ll be a great adventure and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life and when it gets tough, remember who you’re doing it for!

— Doug

Both events were run with Simon from SVL Adventures. Simon has supported the hospices for many years with the climbing challenges. Doug says “SVL Adventures, Simon, brilliant guy, brilliant support and brilliant team. You will feel supported and looked after throughout”

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