A World of Soothing Water

Soothing hydrotherapy is perfect for the children and young adults visiting Naomi House & Jacksplace. They have a wide range of medical conditions, with many spending most of their day in wheelchairs. Our physiotherapists will help them to gently exercise while the relaxing warm water allows complete freedom of movement, alleviating pressure and relieving pain. Seriously ill children or young adults can't usually swim together as a family, as public pools don't have the necessary facilities, so Naomi House & Jacksplace can be the first place where families swim together for the first time. It may even be the first time that child or young adult has been able to swim at all, which is definitely a precious memory that families can cherish forever.

Your £50 virtual gift will help fund the work of Naomi House & Jacksplace and create magical moments for seriously ill children and young adults. Thank you!

Price: £50.00