Embark on a breathtaking adventure guided by SVL Adventures

Snowdon Sunrise is a truly unique way to enjoy the natural beauty and scenery of the beautiful Snowdonia national park at night.

The climb will commence very early in the morning to reach the 1,085m summit in time to watch the sunrise and reveal a fresh new day. You will be trekking mostly at night with only your head torch to light the way.

The event is fully guided to ensure your safety and enhance the entire experience, and includes a breakfast at a local hotel for when it is all over.

This is not a technical hike, so the summit is within reach of any reasonably fit and determined person. The pace is steady and there is time for breaks and photo opportunities - making it an experience that should be on everyones bucket list.


*Snowdon Sunrise 2024 has sold out*

If you would like hear about any future events please email events@naomihouse.org.uk

man watching the sun set on top a mountain
sun setting on the skyline behind mountain

Photos by Simon Lewis, SVL Adventures

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