A little bit about me...

After qualifying in 1978, Dr Mike Miller’s first medical post was as a PRHO in Paediatrics as he had been remembered for mending the Scalextric set whilst a medical student on the children’s ward!  He then trained in seven different regions over 7 years, four of which were spent in Leeds and Cystic Fibrosis Research.  He then returned to London as Senior Registrar.  The City was too big so he obtained a Consultant Post in Huddersfield in 1988.  

As a General Paediatrician his interests ranged from chest and gastrointestinal disease to rheumatology and allergy.  There was also time spent on the neo-natal unit. He enjoyed the stable population and working with local community services.

He spent happy years as the local Director of Post Graduate Education and was the Director of Paediatric Services for a while.  

In 2003, Martin House, the local Children’s Hospice then advertised for a new, innovative Consultant post. After some thought Dr Miller applied and changed his professional title to Dr Mike, starting in 2004.
The necessary Diploma in Palliative Medicine from Cardiff provided much knowledge but a written exam after 25 years was stressful!  An attraction of the post was that Martin House was the first to build a young person’s Hospice (for ages 13 to 35). Helping young adults with palliative care needs access appropriate support from adult service was a significant part of the post. 

As well as establishing a network of palliative care throughout the old Yorkshire Region, he was fortunate to work with good links with Leeds and York Universities to enable research to take place. He is involved in teaching at all stages of medical education.  The most important part of the post was supporting community nursing teams care for ill children at home so that families had full choice over the place of care. 

Retirement occurred in March 2015 to allow a move south to see grandchildren more often and links have continued with children’s palliative care as a Trustee of Naomi’s House and Jacksplace the children and young person’s hospice near Winchester and as Trustee for Hospice UK from 2018.