Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows Naomi House & Jacksplace to reclaim tax on eligible donations. You can sign up to Gift Aid the donations of your items at any of our shops. This scheme allows us to reclaim an extra 25% tax, from the sale of your donated goods, making your generosity go even further. This means that when you donate goods worth £20, with the help of Gift Aid we can receive £25.

When you visit one of our charity shops to hand in a donation, please ask to sign up for Gift Aid. A member of the team will ask you to fill out a short agency agreement form that will require your full name, address and postcode.

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accepting donations

By signing up, any donations you made in the present and future will be boosted by 25p for every £1 you donated. Gift Aid ensures that Naomi House & Jacksplace makes the most from your donation.

Once you have signed the agency agreement, the next time you are donating your items, you can simply tell our shop teams your name and post code. Gift Aid will be applied on the sale of your donation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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