Young Adult takes part in Game On! fundraiser

Lucy playing games, her laptop and microphone

This Easter weekend over 60 gamers took part in Game On!, Naomi House & Jackplace's online gaming fundraiser. In total, participants raised an incredible £6.4k for life limited and life theatened children and young adults. Among the gamers, was Lucy, a young adult that visits Jacksplace.

Lucy was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (MDC1A), a life limiting and muscle-wasting condition which has had a profound impact on her life. Despite the challenges presented by her condition, Lucy finds joy and independence in her visits to Jacksplace. Jacksplace is the only young adult hospice in central Southern England, which offers support and independence to young adults like Lucy.

Lucy decided to get involved in the Game On fundraiser, because of her love for gaming and the flexibility of the event format, which meant that she could approach the fundraising in whatever way best suited her. Lucy used a range of adaptive technology in order to stream and has raised over £460 for our hospices.

Lucy and her gaming set up

When I first heard about Game On! I knew that it was something I desperately wanted to be a part of some day. I'm a MASSIVE nerd, and gaming has been a major part of my life since childhood, so it seemed like the perfect way to raise money and give a little back.

— Lucy
Lucy playing Lego Star Wars

I am utterly shocked and thrilled at how my first Game On! stream went! Being my first proper stream, too, I was very nervous, but I quickly got into the swing of it, and it turned out amazingly. Streaming with a laptop and a phone rather than a gaming PC with multiple monitors is a challenge. Thanks to the amazing carers I had working that day and night, I definitely pulled it off far better than I could have hoped, and had a great deal of fun.

— Lucy

Chris Meany, Fundraiser at Naomi House & Jacksplace, said:

This year’s Game On! has been an incredible demonstration of what can be achieved when a community comes together to support a good cause.

I would like to thank Lucy and all the other gamers who took part in Game On! and helped to raise important funds for Naomi House & Jacksplace.

— Chris Meany

Lucy's Story

Lucy lives in Kent but travels to Jacksplace to enjoy respite services at the dedicated hospice for young adults. Click below to read Lucy's story.

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