Words From a Very Grateful Parent

Cathers smiling on ice rink

Cathers has been coming to Jacksplace for a few years now. Her mum, Fiona, shared with us what her experience at the young adult's hospice means to Cathers and to their family.

"My daughter absolutely loves attending the Jacksplace Day Service and staying there for respite. It is a very special place for her to go, where she is looked after by such caring and kind staff and volunteers.

Cathers with snail
Cathers picking green beans

"It is the only place where she is able to swim and they do such fun and creative activities, especially around Christmas time, which she shows me with such pride.

Cathers with cat puppet

I am truly grateful for Jacksplace providing a very special, caring environment where she is safe and has so much fun. When she is lacking in energy, it absolutely picks her up. 

— 'From a very grateful parent, Fiona Trussell'
Cathers and mum

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