Stormtrooper spreads Imperial joy at hospices

Stormtrooper stood by Naomi House & Jacksplace sign

On Thursday 4 May, otherwise known as ‘Star Wars Day’, Naomi House & Jacksplace had a very special Imperial visitor. One of Darth Vader’s Stormtroopers escaped the Death Star for the day to spread some joy at the hospices for children and young adults.

Staff and young adults shocked at Stormtrooper
Child and Stormtrooper in Naomi House lounge

The Stormtrooper marched the corridors of the hospices, checking in on staff, before chatting to children and parents visiting Naomi House and posing for action shots with young adults at Jacksplace. He crashed the housekeeping team’s tea break, battled the hospice’s Family Support team with Lightsabers, and even tried his hand at cooking with the catering team.

Stormtrooper and kitchen staff holding up cooking tongs in Naomi House kitchen
Staff acting out scene with Stormtrooper

The visit was courtesy of Tony from Southampton-based Stormtrooper double act, the Trooperguys who regularly volunteer their time to visit Naomi House & Jacksplace.

The Stormtrooper said:

We visit charities like Naomi House as we know that there is nothing more rewarding than putting a smile on the face of someone who is coping with a tough time in their lives. Everyone loves a Stormtrooper, and the kids especially light up when they see us, and we feel extremely privileged to meet these very brave and special people.

Child, nurses and Stormtrooper pretending with Lightsaber

Meeting the children is always our favourite part of the visit, but it is the connection we have that really hits home. There was a moment when one of the children used signing to say “I love you”, and it's moments like this when I'm glad I'm wearing a helmet as Stormtroopers should not shed a tear!

Stormtrooper, staff and young adults playing with Lightsabers

Naomi House & Jacksplace has always been a charity that means a great deal to us at Trooperguys. Over the years, we have seen how the care and love that they give makes a world of difference, not just to the children, but families as a whole. The team are always bubbly and full of enthusiasm and do a great job, which is why we love to support them.

— Stormtrooper, Trooperguys, Trooperguys

Claire Potterton, Play and Activities Team Leader at Naomi House & Jacksplace, said:

We were absolutely thrilled to be joined by one of the Empire’s Stormtroopers on Star Wars Day itself! We love having visitors at Naomi House & Jacksplace who offer a different experience to the families, children and young adults staying. Thank you so much to the Trooperguys for spreading so much joy at our hospices. The force is strong with our young padawans!

Naomi House & Jacksplace staff holding Lightsabers posing with Stormtrooper
Child and Stormtrooper posing for photo at Naomi House

Stormtrooper's plea for donations

"As with every charity, the public play a massive part in supporting great causes, and to see first hand how every donation helps, we would encourage as much support as you can give to help your local charities like Naomi House & Jacksplace." - Trooperguys

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