Stonehenge School support Naomi House & Jacksplace

The Stonehenge School

Mixed secondary school, Stonehenge School in Amesbury chose Naomi House & Jacksplace as their charity to support this year.

Since the beginning of March 2022, students at the school have been fundraising to support our hospices. Within their school Houses, Archer, Sarum, Solstice and Barrow, students have been making donations towards Naomi House & Jacksplace. These donations evolved into a competition to see which House at Stonehenge could raise the most money! Archer won top of the leaderboard, who's donations exceeded a whopping £200! What’s more, that amount was reached by only five students!

As a school, Stonehenge has raised a wonderful £426, which could cover 19 hours of nursing care at our hospice.

The students involved at the Stonehenge School should be immensely proud of their hard work and selflessness. They are a credit to the school to the community. Thank you Stonehenge!

Alice's Family Story

Find out how your support makes a difference to families like Alice's, by clicking the link below.

Mother and daughter on swing