Special Christmas memories

Amelia 1

Amelia had severe brain damage, cerebral palsy, four limb quadriplegia, blindness and very severe epilepsy. She was just 16 years old when she passed away at Naomi House. Her inspirational mum, Debra, shared with us a special memory of a wonderful Christmas at Naomi House, when she stayed with their daughters, Amelia and Daisy.

“It was amazing in Naomi House at Christmas! We were staying in the family accommodation and when we woke up on Christmas morning, the staff had made a trail of footprints.  Amelia’s sister Daisy, was a great believer in Father Christmas, and she was overwhelmed with excitement as we followed the footsteps all the way down the stairs!

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"When Father Christmas came in and gave a present to Amelia and then also to Daisy, Daisy said: ‘One for me as well? I don’t deserve one!’, and I said, you do, there’s one for you too! It was beautiful.

"They also did the loveliest Christmas dinner!”

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Amelia's Family Story

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