Sisters setup shop for Naomi House & Jacksplace

Girls stood behind stall in front of their house

Last month, sisters, Ruby (9) and Florence (6), decided to setup a little shop in front of their house to sell eggs from their chickens, homemade fairy cakes and their old toys, to raise money for Naomi House & Jacksplace.

The girls did wonderfully, with lots of attention from their local community, raising a fantastic £50!

Girls stood behind stall with cakes and books on, with hand drawn charity shop sign
Books and toys laid out on table ready to sell

There were many amazing things available to purchase at their stall.

We sold eggs from our chickens - their names are Chickadee, Hentucky, Babs and Hei Hei! We also sold the fairy cakes and gingerbread men we made, and some of our toys and books that we don't use anymore. And some plants mummy had grown.

— Ruby & Florence

The stall was impressively decorated with a handmade sign and labels, drawing the attention of locals.

Ruby drew the Naomi House logo mummy found on her phone, and we had labels on everything to say what they were. We also made a sign with paint.

Hand drawn Naomi House logo on big white poster
Girls stood on chairs in kitchen baking cakes

Passersby were intrigued and asked the girls why they chose to support Naomi House.

We wanted to raise some money and Naomi House looks after children like us, so we liked them. Everyone was very interested and wanted to ask us about what we were doing. They gave us more money than we had asked for for things! We chose Naomi House because one of our friends' sisters had been there before and they said it was brilliant.

— Ruby & Florence

Julia, Ruby and Florence’s mum, expressed her pride.

I was very proud of them and how enthusiastic they were to give away their things to help other children. They are very keen to do it again!

— Julia Boustred, Ruby & Flo's mum
Letter from Ruby and Flo with stickers and flowers on it

The girls wrote us a wonderful letter telling us about their fantastic fundraising achievement.

You are amazing Ruby and Flo, what superstar fundraisers you are! The children and families in our care are so grateful for your wonderful support. Thank you so much for supporting our charity with your fantastic shop!

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