Reubear, a poem for Reuben

Three brothers dressed in festive outfits

Following Reuben’s death, brother Harry wrote this beautiful poem to remember him by (with a little help from his dad). This is 'Reubear'.

Reu Reu, you weren’t like other children,
You would need a lot of love and care,
and in us you found love enough to spare.
We were delighted we had our own Reubear.
Much to outsiders’ surprise,
You haven’t been a challenge
but a blessing in disguise.
Your hard earned smiles and chuckles are pleasures you impart,
and will forever be etched upon our hearts.

Mum and Reuben smiling in pool
Harry and Reuben sensory lights

We raced around the moon,
swam, played and laughed like we were in a cartoon.
We would often sprawl on the sofa in a huddle,
we will forever cherish our cuddle.
We are proud that we have been chosen,
to help you live and grow,
we loved you more than you will ever know.

Harry and Reuben reading book
Harry cuddling baby Reuben in arms on beach

You’re our precious gift from Heaven,
our treasure from above,
Now you’re with Olivia, another special dove.
You both taught us many things,
but most of all - True Love.

Love from, Harry (8) and Daddy x

Harry and Reuben cuddling in bed
Sean kissing and cuddling Harry and Reuben outdoors

Reuben's story

Reuben was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder. His mum and dad knew that his life would be very short, and were determined to give him the best life they could. This is Reuben’s story.

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Reuben dressed as Yoda