Q&A with Steve Radjen for #21in21

steve running new forest

The training is complete, the preparation has been done and the route has been mapped. Steve Radjen, a trustee since 2013, and supporter of Naomi House & Jacksplace for 14 years, is ready to take on a challenge of epic proportions - by running 21 marathons in 21 consecutive days - #21in21.

We caught up with Steve to find out how the training has been, how he's feeling and why he has chosen to continue to support Naomi House & Jacksplace for so many years...

So Steve, why did you decide to take part in such a tough challenge?

I wanted to do something particulary tough - I am extremely competitive and who better to race against than yourself?! I wanted people, who heard about this challenge to be shocked and make them think 'well, if someone is prepared to put themselves through something so gruelling, the cause must be worth it' - which I 100% know it is!

How has your training been?

I began training in January, but unfortunately picked up a calf injury in the middle of February whilst preparing for the Paris Marathon, which I ended up having to pull out of due to said injury. I had some physio on it and was able to ramp up the training again towards the end of June. The actual milage I've been able to cover has gradually increased from five half-marathons a week, then four 20 milers a week, then one 20 miler and 2 marathons a week, to 3 marathons plus a half every couple of weeks. Safe to say it has been intense! 

Have you had any professional advice to guide you?

Yes, Dr. Adam Carey, who worked with the winning England Rugby team in the 2003 World Cup, has been so helpful. As a sports nutritionist, he could see where I was going wrong, in both my diet and training schedule, so he made some serious changes to make sure I was as prepared as I will ever be for the 9th September. The training continued, but my body was against me yet again when I was hit with a nasty chest infection and lost 9 pounds in just 6 days! After that, Dr. Carey made sure I was eating right, training right and looking after myself by protein loading and allowing my muscles to repair.

How are you feeling ahead of the 9th September when you begin?

Well, fortunately I am going into it with no major injuries and am resting up until the 9th. The support has been absolutely tremendous and the amount of money raised so far means more than anything. The fact that I am running all of this way is just a means to an end - the most important thing is that we raise as much money as possible for the children and young adults at Naomi House & Jacksplace.


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