Portsmouth photographers inspire young adults at hospice workshop

Josh, Jamie, Aaron and James group shot

Portsmouth-based photography studio, Musselwhite Photography, recently volunteered their time and expertise by hosting a photography workshop at Jacksplace.

James, co-owner of Musselwhite Photography, hosted the workshop for young adults who were visiting Jacksplace. The theme of the workshop was ‘Representing Jacksplace in a photo’ and encouraged the young adults to reminisce on their time at Jacksplace and find a unique subject for a photograph.

Aaron thumbs up through Connect 4
James and Aaron looking at camera

During the course of the workshop, the young adults took lots of photos and shared their experiences of visiting Jacksplace. The photos were captured from beautiful and unique angles and include images of a large outdoor ‘Connect 4’ game, reflections on the water in the hydrotherapy pool, colourful sensory lighting, UNO cards bouncing on the hospice’s drum kit and autumn leaves set against the bright blue sky.

James Musselwhite said:

I always find it a huge privilege to be invited to share my love of photography with others, and this session at Jacksplace was no different. From the outset, we explained to the young adults that this was their project. There was no right or wrong and whatever they chose to capture would be their vision. A photograph is always a study of two things... the subject and the photographer themselves. I wanted to see as much of them, as the building and environment of Jacksplace, within their photos. The results they produced exceeded any expectations I had unwisely set beforehand.

James guiding Jamie and family on photo setup
Josh and James setting up photo of swimming pool

What was wonderful to experience was seeing their growing sense of confidence throughout the day. From timidly suggesting thoughts and ideas at the beginning, to excitedly dragging me down corridors into music rooms to play drums and create images with movement and colour. The development and growth was staggering.

Aaron taking photo on camera

Ultimately, an image is not a photograph until it is printed. We hope to fulfil this, so that the framed, finished images can be put on display at the hospice for people to enjoy for years to come. That way, the ideas, inspiration, creativity and personal journey of these young adults will live forever.

Jamie, dad and James looking at screen taking photo

Jamie, who regularly visits Jacksplace and attended the workshop, said:

The photography workshop was fun and worth the time, I would love to do this again.

James and Aaron thumbs up

The Final Photos

Many stories were shared during the workshop, resulting in beautifully captured photos, which will be printed and framed at Jacksplace for everyone visiting the hospice to enjoy. Here are the final photos:

Outdoor Connect 4, by Aaron (1)

Outdoor Connect 4, by Aaron

This represented many times when Aaron played this game with his good friend at Jacksplace, resulting in fun and competitive moments, as well as fond memories.

UNO on the drums, by Aaron

UNO on the drums, by Aaron

This represented what Jacksplace resonates – fun. Music and games are a huge part of Jacksplace, encouraging socialisation and independence in a safe environment.

Reflections on the water, by Josh

Reflections on the water, by Josh

The hydrotherapy pool is one of Josh’s favourite areas at Jacksplace. It can be a loud pool party or a quiet space to reflect, with calming sensory lights and quiet music, which is beautifully captured in this photo.

A frame within a frame, by Josh

A frame within a frame, by Josh

Josh creatively captured this brilliant frame within a frame of the corridor at Jacksplace. The corridors feature a river flowing to the bedrooms at Jacksplace, which are named after and themed on different countries across the world.

Autumn leaves, by Jamie

Autumn leaves, by Jamie

Jacksplace is built on the Sutton Manor Estate and is surrounded by beautiful, peaceful nature and wildlife. The colours come alive during Autumn, which is a standout season at Jacksplace for Jamie.

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