A Naomi House family's festive experience on the ice

Hope 1

We recently kicked Christmas off in style at Naomi House & Jacksplace as our families took to Winchester Cathedral ice rink for an exclusive Naomi House skate!

Every year, Winchester Cathedral gift Naomi House & Jacksplace an exclusive session on the ice rink, before it opens to the general public. Families are always really excited for this annual event, as it is sometimes the one and only time they can go on the ice.

Hope (pictured above) regularly visits Naomi House. We spoke to her mum, Caroline, about what this annual event means to her family:

“We had a lovely time ice Skating at the cathedral with Naomi House. Hope had a great time, we all did, but what all the lovely smiley photos might not show is what a big day this was for Hope and me! Hope has never before been anywhere on any transport without mummy (or daddy). And whilst it’s probably no secret to anyone who knows our family, I haven’t found it particularly easy coming to the hospice or handing over her care, but the last couple of stays have been really positive for me.

Hope 2

“Now that Hope’s big sister, Jordan, is away at university in Winchester, Naomi House has a very important role, as we use it as a base to see big sister and sometimes big sister comes to stay there too (for some good food and vegetables!)

“We’ve been to the ice skating before when we’ve stayed at Naomi House and it’s a lovely occasion. We’ve also been down to the opening as day visitors, but this year we had grand plans! Jordan and I went shopping first and left Hope with her lovely nurse, Bethany, letting Hope come to meet us! This was a huge deal for mummy, but it felt ok! Hope wouldn’t have appreciated shopping and I knew she was in good hands! It was a relief to see her when she arrived though.

Hope 4

“Then we whizzed around the ice and Hope smiled and enjoyed her music (she had her iPod on as she isn’t a huge fan of festive music!) Hope’s grandad came to watch and her cousin and auntie came down to enjoy the skating too.

“Then, when it was over, we all said goodbye to Hope and off she went back to Naomi House, whilst we went for dinner as a family in a restaurant (pretty much a no-go for Hope) and indulged in some more shopping! So, the experience was a pretty big deal for us all.”

Hope 3

A huge thank you to the Winchester Cathedral ice rink for your support - as you can see, this occasion means the world to our families.

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