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For my third blog post, I want to tell you all about the amazing events I've been a part of through Naomi House & Jacksplace and Demelza Hospice.

Being a part of a children's hospice doesn't mean you just get respite, you also become part of a wider family, and family means ‘family events’! I've been lucky enough over the years to be invited to countless events, from in-house festivals and Halloween and Christmas parties both at the hospice itself or at other venues, to more personal events such as my 17th birthday party and even my friend's graduation!

Lucy and Maddison

One of the greatest feelings about being part of a children's hospice is knowing that all the carers, nurses, kitchen staff, those working ‘behind the scenes’; everyone cares about you in such a way that they love to celebrate with you, whether it be a holiday, personal day or achievement.


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