Kiefer Sutherland wows families with surprise performance


We were shocked to receive a visit from 24, Stand By Me and Designated Survivor star, Kiefer Sutherland yesterday! 

The Hollywood legend was fresh from a performance in Bournemouth and due to play at Wickham Festival, but found enough time to visit the children, young adults, families, nurses and carers staying with us at Naomi House & Jacksplace.

He was responding to a plea the charity made on social media, asking Mr. Sutherland to pay them a visit for “some tea, cake and a jam”. And that’s precisely what he did; playing a whole medley of his songs with the support of his band, then enjoying a well-earned cup of tea and some sponge cake while families explained the vital care available to them at the hospices, and our staff detailed their complex nursing and care service.


Kiefer stayed at the hospices for more than an hour before rushing back to the Wickham Festival site to deliver a storming set from the main stage.

Our Head of Marketing, Ketih Wilson said:

“When we recorded the video message for Kiefer we hoped he might see it, but thought it pretty unlikely. He is about as busy as a man can be at the moment. To wake up to a Twitter message from him saying he really wanted to come along was just incredible. He was so very generous with his time, great with the kids and a genuinely lovely man. Needless to say, he is welcome back anytime and we certainly plan to keep in touch.”

Social media posts about the star’s visit have since gone viral across the UK and US. Head over to our Facebook page to see the photos and watch the video here.

Thank you so much for Kiefer and his wonderful band for taking time out of their busy schedule to entertain the families at Naomi House - it will truly be a memory they hold onto forever.