Incredible supporter takes on the Sahara Desert

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In April 2022, Charles Lee took on the Marathon Des Sables to raise money for Naomi House & Jacksplace and Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome. He has currently raised over £6,000 for Naomi House & Jacksplace by taking on this epic challenge.

The Marathon des Sables is a 250km race, which is approximate to the distance of 6 regular marathons, across the Sahara in Morocco in 6 days. Charles has to carry all his kit and food in 40+ degree heat; the race has the title of the “toughest foot race on earth”.

Charles tells us why he chose to do the Marathon des Sables(MdS) challenge.

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I have always been tempted by the MdS but never had the courage to commit, always finding an excuse not to. The extreme nature of the environment and self sufficiency of the race, having to carry everything I needed including food for the 6 days made it that much more challenging than just a run.

The race exceeded my expectations of exhilaration and satisfaction. There were tough times (2 days of sandstorms, 15hrs to complete the double day (54miles)) but these just made the sense of satisfaction in completing it that much sweeter.

— Charles
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"The highlight was the final day when I knew I was going to complete it and was able to relax and enjoy the day.”

When I signed up I there was only 2 charities I could run for. (I ran for the benefit of two charities, the other being for a rare genetic disease that was only recently characterised that my young nephew had been diagnosed with).

Although I had run marathons before I had never taken on a challenge of this magnitude so knew it justified sponsorship. Naomi House was present through our childhood and a wonderful legacy for my father in how it continues to support and care for so many families. If I was going to take on a challenge like the MdS it had to be for the benefit of Naomi House and all the invaluable care it provides.

— Charles

Charles' father was the local Doctor and a central figure in the founding of Wessex Children's Hospice Trust over 25 years ago. We are incredibly grateful to Charles for his commitment and determination on this amazing adventure whilst raising vital funds for us.

You can find more details on his Just Giving page: