Gamers stream and complete challenges to support hospices

As some of you reading may now, Game On! is Naomi House & Jacksplace’s gaming fundraiser. Game On! encourages participants to game, have fun, challenge themselves all whilst raising money for our hospices.

Game On! 2022 as you can imagine, was a lot of fun. Participants were taking on some incredible and creative forfeits including leg shaves, dressing up as different video game characters and some good old fashioned hair dye!

Each participant streamed their gameplay live, with everyone taking on the challenge of gaming for 12 hours or more!

Their incredible efforts resulted in just over £3,800 being raised for our services.

We caught up with a few of our participants to find out what they did and what their motivations were for taking part. We spoke to Connor Randall, who has taken part in Game On! 3 times, and Dan Vujevic, who is taking part for the very first time. 



Why do you support Naomi House & Jacksplace?

The reason I do charity streams for Naomi House is because of my personal experience with the hospice. Both my brother Scott, and Sister Alyssa, were service users in the hospice. Both had complicated disabilities, and Naomi House helped our family with respite care, as well as support for the entire family. This extended to the unfortunate need for palliative care for Scott. The Hospice provided such great care to him, and all of us within the family. This is why I decided to do a 24-hour stream, as my first ever stream, in aid of Naomi House.


What have you been doing on your charity streams?

This first stream not only kicked off my personal streaming, but kept me on the path of aiding Naomi House as much as possible through streaming. I have consequently done 3 charity streams, and plan to do many more.

The stream's content changed drastically, with my first stream, the 24-hour long marathon, being heavily planned, with many game changes and lots of people involved. Whilst we raised a lot of money, and things went mostly smoothly, it turned out to be a heavy task organising what amounted to nearly 50 people throughout the 24 long hours. The following two were more chilled, with less people, but more chat involvement, which went down very well. for example, the most recent Game On! weekend, I not only shaved my legs, and put a full face of makeup on for my viewers enjoyment, I did a full Misty (Character from Pokemon) Cosplay...




Why did you take part?

I took part in the event to support an amazing charity and to challenge myself! I’d never streamed before, and one of the best ways to learn is to throw yourself in at the deep end; what better way to do than with 12 hours straight! (Being a bit of an attention seeker also helped!)


What did you do on your charity stream?

A variety stream across six video games. I also had several donation goals, the first was met within 40 minutes: Link from The Legend of Zelda cosplay. Following that I also ate a dog treat in the shape of a muffin (made doubly unpleasant due to being out of date)! I also spent 4 hours at the salon bleaching and dying my hair grey for hitting the final goal!

How did you find it?

Exhausting and exhilarating. There’s a pressure to “perform” consistently for the duration, but that’s the kind of environment I enjoy. I’m so glad I did it and am counting down the days to next year! One of my favourite parts was having new people drop in throughout the stream which kept things fresh and exciting – you never knew who’d be watching you shave your legs (my brother, in my case)!

Here is a link to the highlights of Dan’s 12 hour stream - Highlights from 12-Hour Charity Stream! - Twitch

We cannot thank our participants enough for their amazing support and dedication. These are just a few of the gaming challenges that can be done during Game On!

Gaming is something that we are all excited about at the hospices and we are pleased to announce that we have launched our very own Discord server. Come and join us on our server at: