Devoted committee support hospices for 30 years

Waverley Committee stood together outdoors smiling

The Waverley Committee have supported Naomi House & Jacksplace for over 30 years now, raising an incredible £261,000 through their tireless fundraising efforts, commitment and dedication to our charity.

Carol May and her colleagues at The Waverley Committee, based in Surrey, have been supporting us since 1994, organising fundraising challenges and events to raise vital funds and awareness for our hospices.

Tash Haji, Senior Fundraiser at Naomi House & Jacksplace, said:

From Bridge Tea and Coffee Mornings to Open Garden Operas, we are so grateful to The Waverley Committee, who have truly made such a difference to the children and young adults in our care, raising over £261,000 for our hospices. We’re really looking forward to their upcoming event, Opera in the Garden, this June, which is set to be an extraordinary afternoon of opera in the sunshine. Thank you so much to the committee for your continued support and dedication to our charity.

— Tash Haji, Naomi House & Jacksplace

Waverley Committee member, Carol May, said:

I visited Naomi House over 20 years ago and was so touched by their dedication that I became a volunteer for the committee, Waverley Friends. We will continue to provide much needed financial support and we know it provides continued care for these dear children, young adults & families.

— Carol May

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