A cracking Christmasathon for East Meon Primary School

The students and teachers at East Meon Primary School held their annual Christmasathon in aid of Naomi house & Jacksplace in December 2021.

When the students of East Meon Primary School were asked which charity they’d like to support, Naomi House & Jacksplace was top of the list.

Our relationship with East Meon Primary School began through one of the families who used our services when sadly one of their children passed away. Through this time, we supported the family and worked alongside the school to ensure that the siblings and any other students who were affected by the situation were supported. When the school council got together to discuss which charities they wanted to support, they felt that Naomi House & Jacksplace had supported some of the East Meon families’ so well that they’d like to support us as much as they can in return.

Naomi House staff were extremely supportive of the family and worked alongside the school to ensure that we were able to support the children in school

— - Mrs O’Toole, Head Teacher of East Meon Primary School
Phoenix Making Christmas biscuits
Rupert Christmas-a-thon

In 2020, East Meon held their first Christmasathon, a creative fundraising initiative which involved the students getting sponsorship from their families to have a jammed packed day of Christmassy fun. This included Christmas crafts such as making paper chains and snowflakes, baking and decorating Christmas cookies as well as getting the whole school taking part in a Reindeer Run, where they ran over 54km! In 2021 they decided to host another Christmasathon, raising an incredible £2,405.75 to date for Naomi House & Jacksplace.

Pixie - The elf left ingredients for Christmas biscuits
Emily Christmas-a-thon

When asked why it’s so important for the students to support a charity, Mrs O’Toole said:

It is extremely important for young people to gain an understanding of the needs of other people. To develop their empathy skills and to know that they have the power to make a difference for the better. It is key, when taking part in charity work and fundraising, that children understand what the charity does and how their efforts will positively impact the lives of others. Through this work we are making better citizens that will go out into the world and hopefully continue to support fantastic charities like Naomi House.

East Meon Primary School are hoping to host their first summer fun run later in the year to raise even more money – we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!