Volunteer Warehouse Assistant

Volunteer Warehouse Assistants

The warehouse is an integral part of our merchandising. A lot of the stock that is donated is sorted and delivered to one of our 21 shops. It’s a very busy role and one that requires a degree of fitness.

There are lots of roles within the warehouse, including sorting through clothes, helping with recycling, assisting members of the public who will be arriving with donations, being part of a team with staff and volunteers.

There could be the potential to be out on the vans as a drivers mate but this is not obligatory.             

Tasks involved:

  • Assisting members of the public donating goods

  • Helping with recycling – stamps, ink cartridges, mobile phones

  • Keeping the warehouse clean and tidy

  • Sorting through the donated goods and sorting what can be sold and not sold

  • Helping with shop orders


Training and Induction

  • H+S (fire exits, volunteers are not expected to lift heavy boxes and bags)

  • Sorting through donated goods

  • Recycling – what is and what isn’t

  • Customer Service

  • Training is ongoing


Support and Supervision

Ongoing, given by Warehouse Manager / Supervisor, Volunteer Services Manager

Ideal hours

Split day – 9.30-1pm or 1-4.30pm – option to do all day.  Volunteering can be flexible.

To find out more email: volunteering@naomihouse.org.uk or telephone at 01962 760060.

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