Festive Fundraising Ideas

To help with your fundraising we have lots of fun and festive ideas to help you reach your target.

You can find downloadable resources and lots of fun ideas below. 

Downloadable Resources

Bake Sale

Our wonderful Catering Team create some tasty festive bakes such as Cosy Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks and Ice Crispy Snowballs. Why not recreate and offer them in return for a donation.



Christmas Crafts Sale

Create and offer christmassy crafts to friends and family for a donation. You could try Potato Print Wrapping paper or Festive Fingerprint cards.



Festive Walk

Take on a festive walk dressed in your best Christmas outfit and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. 


Christmas Jumper Day

Get everyone in your office to put on their best Christmas Jumper. Everyone who takes part donates £1 and the Scrooges who don't want to take part can donate £2!

Gingerbread (Naomi) House Competition

Gather your friends for a festive bake off! Donate to the charity to enter your Gingerbread (Naomi) House creation in the competition.


Santa Beard Competition

Who can grow the best Santa Beard this season? Have the office donate money to pick their best guess for who will have the longest Santa Beard by the end of December.



Christmas Bingo Night

Host a Christmas themed bingo night and ask for donations to take part. Rather than shouting "Bingo" to win why not change it to "Ho Ho Ho!"


Christmas Present Wrapping

Help your friends and family by wrapping their presents in return for a donation.

Guess the Gift Challenge

Wrap a present and ask people to guess what is inside for a donation. Allow them to put their hand in the box to feel around, if they guess correctly they win the prize!


Santa's Swear Jar

No naughty words this season! To keep off Santa’s naughty list, donate £1 to the jar every time you swear.


Christmas Movie Night

Get together with your friends and host a movie night with your favourite Christmas film. Make it festive with some tasty treats like mince pies, chocolate coins or hot chocolate. Ask everyone attending to pay a donation.


Santa's Grotto

Do you create your very own Christmas scene in your front garden? Ask people for a donation to be able to walk around your festive creation.