Family Stories

Each family has a different story to tell about the support the hospice has given them. We're incredibly thankful to those who have shared their story with us. Find out how Naomi House & Jacksplace makes such a huge difference to families in the videos and articles below.

Abi's Story

Abi, from Hampshire, was diagnosed at the age of nine with Friedreichs Ataxia which is a genetic degenerative condition affecting the nervous system. This is her story.

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Callum's Story

Callum lives with his Mum, Dad, sister and twin brother at their home in Newbury, Berkshire. They receive regular respite care both in the home and at the hospices.

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Aiden's Story

Aiden's mum Karen, explains how Naomi House & Jacksplace were able to support her family during Aiden's last months.

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Eiden's Story

Naomi House & Jacksplace support hundreds of families just like Eiden. Eiden's mum, Sasha shares their family story with us.

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