Family Stories

Each family has a different story to tell about the support the hospice has given them. We're incredibly thankful to those who have shared their story with us. Find out how Naomi House & Jacksplace makes such a huge difference to families in the videos and articles below.

Liam's Story

Liam has the very rare genetic condition, Sox 2 anophthalmia syndrome, which means he was born with no eyeballs. He has learning disabilities, severe epilepsy and reduced hearing in one ear. This is his story.

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Alfie's Story

Alfie has cerebral palsy caused by brain damage during a very difficult birth. He is unable to stand, walk, sit, or even play with his toys on his own. He has epilepsy, hearing difficulties and is fed via a gastrostomy. This is his story.

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Bruce's Story

Five year old Bruce is a happy little boy with a smile that will brighten your day. He has severe bi-lateral cerebral palsy, epilepsy and no independent mobility, making him completely dependent on others. This is his story.

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Evie's Story

Evie has been coming to Naomi House for regular respite care since she was 7. Her dad, Simon, shares their family story.

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