Family Stories

Naomi House & Jacksplace supports children, young adults and their families from across central southern England.  Each family has their own unique story to tell, and as they bravely speak through the videos and written stories below, you can find out how the hospices are there to support them on good days, difficult days and last days.

Ethan 1

Ethan's Story

At the age of just 14 months, little Ethan was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He spent the next nine months in hospital, and many of those in intensive care. This is his story.

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Best 2 swing

Marlowe's Story

5 year old Marlowe has Trisomy 21 (also known as Down’s Syndrome), hypothyroidism, cardiac anomalies and lung disease. She’s a happy, loving, cheeky baby that opens her heart to anyone. This is her story.

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Lucy's Story

In this story, Lucy tells us all about family life with congenital muscular dystrophy and how Jacksplace has given her independence and freedom when she needed it most. Also included is a poem Lucy wrote about Jacksplace.

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Charlie's Story

22 year old Charlie, who visits Jacksplace, was born with Ataxia-Telangiectasia, a rare condition that affects the nervous system, immune system and makes the risk of getting various cancers high. This is his story, in his own words.

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