Other Party Ideas

Great Big School Party

If you're a parent or teacher at a local school, we're encouraging schools to get involved too with the Great Big School Party! Schools can host an afternoon tea or bake sale event during lunchtime (or even during assembly), encouraging donations for cakes! It's a great opportunity to get classes, year groups or the whole school together to support a great cause. Or, you could go all out and host a school field party or school disco - the choice is yours!

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Great Big Office Party

Why not get your workplace involved with the Great Big Office Party? Tick off your corporate social responsibility with a fun office party! You could host a tea and cake morning, selling cakes and drinks for donations, you could organise a team social and pop out a donation box at the gathering, or you could have a team lunch and all chuck in a pound to add more time to your lunch hour - the options are endless!

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