Join Team Naomi for the 2019 Winchester Half Marathon!


The Winchester Half Marathon takes a beautiful, scenic route through the idyllic setting of the Winchester countryside, passing landmarks such as St Catherine’s Hill, Winchester Cathedral and King Alfred the Great. The run starts and finishes outside the city's iconic Guildhall.

For 2019 Naomi House & Jacksplace is proud to be announced as Winchester Half's Lead Local Charity! 

Entry price for our Gold Bonds are just £25, and so we ask runners to raise a suggested minimum sponsorship of £150.

With one of our places, you will receive:

  • A free Naomi House running vest
  • Free transfer letters to add your name or team name
  • Dedicated fundraising support
  • Motivation support on the day from cheer points

How to register:

To sign up, pay your registration fee of £25 on the Naomi House website. You'll then receive an email with a code, which you will enter on the Winchester Half website.

If you have already secured your place with the organisers, we would love you to join team Naomi House! All own place runners will have the chance to purchase a Naomi House running vest and will receive full fundraising support - please get in touch if you'd like to run for us.

For more information please contact our events team on: 01962 760060 or email:

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Terms and Conditions of Entry: Please read all sections carefully before agreeing to the Terms & Conditions below. To participate in the Winchester Half Marathon for Naomi House & Jacksplace, you must read and accept the terms and conditions mentioned below, which form your Participant’s Fundraising Agreement. In return, we will register you for one of our places in return of this accepted declaration.

  1. I acknowledge that I take part in the Winchester Half Marathon on 22nd September 2019 at my own risk and it is my responsibility to undertake appropriate training, and take and follow appropriate medical advice in relation to my participation, and to consider whether there is any insurance I wish to put in place in relation to my participation (for example, private medical insurance, or insurance related to any expenses I incur such as travel to Winchester if it turns out I cannot participate on the day). 
  2. I will use my best endeavors to raise money for Naomi House in connection with my participation in the Winchester Half Marathon to fulfill my pledge in taking up a Gold Bond place that I will raise at least £150. Any fundraising I undertake in connection with my participation in the Winchester Half Marathon will be for Naomi House and I will pay all funds raised directly to Naomi House as soon as possible when I receive them, but in any case within two calendar months of the Winchester Half Marathon. 
  3. I will immediately inform Naomi House if anything happens which puts my participation in doubt.
  4. I will ask all sponsors (unless they are donating via my online sponsorship page) to complete all fields on the sponsorship form which will include an option for sponsors to ensure their donation also attracts gift aid.
  5. I understand and will make clear to all sponsors that sponsorship money is given by way of donation and once given is not generally refundable, even if I fail to take part in, or withdraw from, the Winchester Half Marathon. 
  6. If I produce any fundraising materials which use the Naomi House name or logo, I will obtain Naomi House prior approval of these before they are used or distributed, and on all materials I will include the words “Naomi House is a charity registered in England number 2601495”. 
  7. I acknowledge that Naomi House cannot and does not take responsibility for any losses in connection with my fundraising or otherwise in connection with my participation in the Winchester Half Marathon.
  8. I agree that medical advice should be sought from a general practitioner if I am in any doubt as to the physical ability required to participate in the event.
  9. I confirm that I am aware that photographs taken during the run may be used to publicise this event and the work of Naomi House generally.