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We should have been hosting our very first Ultimate Clarendon alongside our flagship event Classic Clarendon this year - we are so disappointed that this is now not the case. 

Due to government advice and subsequent lockdowns around Covid-19, we made the decision in March to postpone the Dusk til Dawn and Clarendon Way Walk events until 12th/13th September 2020, and postpone Ultimate Clarendon (52 miles night and day walk) to 2021.

Please note: For those that have already signed up, your place has automatically been moved to these new dates. If this is not suitable, please get in touch with our Events Team by emailing:

Keep reading to find out more about our wonderfully popular Clarendon Way Walk, and brand new nighttime hike!

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Dusk to Dawn - 12th - 13th September
Salisbury - Winchester (26 miles throughout the night)

New for 2020, take on a 26 mile night hike from Salisbury to Winchester!

Shake up your senses and walk a marathon at night. Leave Salisbury as the sun slips below the horizon and make your way into the night. Your head torch will light the way as you take on a Clarendon Way Walk with a difference. Regular refreshment stations will be a welcome sights as you inch ever-closer to the finish line in Winchester.

Leave the glow of the city behind and set out into the darkness in support of hundreds of life limited children, young adults and families at your region’s specialist hospice.

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Classic Clarendon Way Walk - 13th September
Winchester - Salisbury (26 miles during the day)

If you're a fan of tradition, stick to the original Clarendon Way Walk. Now in its 14th year, this beautiful walk takes you off the beaten track through some of Hampshire and Wiltshire's most beautiful countryside. There'll be wonderful comradery, a great atmosphere and wonderful scenery as you take on this marathon walk.

Half Way Clarendon Way Walk - 13th September
Broughton - Salisbury (12 miles during the day)

This walk starts at Broughton, halfway along the Clarendon Way. This is a wonderful, less challenging walk with outstanding views across open countryside and farmland. 

Mini Clarendon - 13th September
Pitton - Salisbury (5 miles during the day)

New to 2020, for families and tiny feet, we're introducing Mini Clarendon! This is a five mile stroll from Pitton to Salisbury, for the last stretch of the Clarendon Way. The atmosphere will be vibrant as you join crowds of walkers from throughout the day to step over the victorious finish line.

And introducing a new element for this year…


Your Clarendon Way Walk – 11th - 13th September

For those that do not feel comfortable taking part in this year’s Clarendon Way Walk, we have created a new virtual event for 2020 to run alongside the physical event - Your Clarendon Way Walk!

Participants of Your Clarendon Way Walk will walk their planned distance (5, 12, 26, 52 miles… or anything in between), on your own or with your family or friends, at your own pace and in your local area! You have the Friday, Saturday & Sunday to complete your distance.


  • Dusk to Dawn (26 miles - night-time) - £26 entry
    (plus a suggested sponsorship target of £149)
  • Classic Clarendon Way Walk (26 miles - daytime) - £26 entry
    (plus a suggested sponsorship target of £149)
  • Half Way Clarendon Way Walk (12 miles - daytime) - £18 entry
    (plus a suggested sponsorship target of £99)
  • Mini Clarendon (5 miles - daytime) - £18 entry
    (plus a suggested sponsorship target of £49)
  • Your Clarendon Way Walk (virtual walk - distance of your choice) - £10 entry
    (plus a suggested sponsorship target of £49)

We suggest a sponsorship target to raise vital funds needed to run Naomi House & Jacksplace - every penny you raise will be gratefully received.


There is also the option to book a bus journey with us. Please see the options in the dropdown menu during the sign up process.

Please note: There is also no travel available to and from Pitton. Thank you for your understanding.

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