Family Stories

Naomi House & Jacksplace supports children, young adults and their families from across central southern England.  Each family has their own unique story to tell, and as they bravely speak through the videos and written stories below, you can find out how the hospices are there to support them on good days, difficult days and last days.

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Amelia's Story

As a result of difficulties at birth, baby Amelia had severe brain damage, cerebral palsy, four limb quadriplegia, blindness and very severe epilepsy. This is her story, told bravely by mum, Debbie.

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Hector, Jessica and Adam

Hector's Story

When Jessica was pregnant, the couple found out that baby Hector had trisomy 18. Most babies with this condition die before or shortly after being born. This is Hector's story.

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Heidi’s Story

10-year-old Heidi was a happy, smiley girl who loved Disney films, being outdoors, loud music and cuddles with her dog, Milo. Heidi was born with the very rare condition, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. This is her story.

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Alfie and grandad

Alfie's Story

Alfie has cerebral palsy caused by brain damage during a very difficult birth. He is unable to stand, walk, sit, or even play with his toys on his own. He has epilepsy, hearing difficulties and is fed via a gastrostomy. This is his story.

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