Make Your Will 2021
1st September - 29th October

Write a Will. Give yourself peace of mind and create lasting memories.  

This Autumn, we'll help you make a Will or update an existing Will. We've teamed up with solicitors who will ask you to make a donation to our hospices, in return for their legal expertise.

Help us to create precious memories for the life limited children, young adults and families who visit our hospices. 

As well as supporting our charity, it's essential to make provisions for your loved ones.

You can book an appointment to speak to one of our participating solicitors between 1st September and 29th October or during the specified dates. Their details are shared below.

Participating solicitors will write or amend a basic Will for you. Instead of paying for their services, they'll ask you to make a suggested donation to Naomi House & Jacksplace of £130+ for a basic Will, or £200+ for a joint or mirror Will. Please note: If what you need requires specialist advice that cannot be included under the scheme, the solicitor will advise you of this and give you a separate price for that work. All participating solicitors reserve the right to charge you a fee if your Will is not basic or standard.

Each solicitor will offer virtual or in-person appointments, depending on their working environment. Please check with the solicitor when you contact them.

Make a difference this Autumn.

Please only contact the solicitor below between 1st September and 29th October unless stated otherwise. 


Dickins Hopgood Chidley LLP

Emily Payne or Samuel Haines - 01488 683555


Gardner Leader

Megan Jack - 01635 293621

Tadley, Reading and Staines

Rowberry Morris Solicitors (Only contact during 1st October - 15th October)

Brenda Wyatt - 0118 9823779


Gardner Leader

Megan Jack - 01635 293621


Kitson & Trotman

Tracy Scammell - 01308 862313 


Solomons Solicitors

Alexandra Livesey - 01202 802807 


Kitson & Trotman

Rachel Oaten - 01308 427436 

Lyme Regis

Kitson & Trotman

Rachel Oaten - 01297 442580 


Kitson & Trotman

Tracy Scammell - 01305 341400


Downie & Gadban (Only contact during 29th September to 29th October)

Sophie Booker - 01420 81271 


Parker Bullen 

Jo Leonard -  01264 400500


Wills Chandler

Mark Hill - 01256 322911

North End

Larcomes (Only contact during 4th October to 15th October)

Chloe Evans - 02392 448170


Parker Bullen

Ashley Partridge -  01794 328688


CGM Solicitors (Only contact during 1st October to 29th October)

Vanessa Fielding - 02380 488796 


Bramsdon and Childs Solicitors

Selina Williams - 02392 821251

Stokes Solicitors (Only contact during 6th September to 24th October)

Victor Summers - 02392 828131


Underwood Solicitors

Kerry Davies or Hollie Aslett - 02380 860827


Larcomes (Only contact during 4th October to 15th October)

Lisa Moore - 02392 246670

Verisona Law

Andrea Cox or Ellie Reynolds - 02392 981000


Parker Bullen

Andrew Marshall - 01722 412000