Hospice pays rent with a dozen red roses on Midsummer’s Day

Naomi House staff and children with Naomi Cornelius-Reid and her brother, David Cornelius-Reid

On Midsummer's Day 2019, Carys, who regularly stays at Naomi House for respite, presented Naomi Cornelius-Reid with a dozen red roses for the hospice’s annual rent payment.

Every year, Naomi House & Jacksplace pays its rent on Midsummer’s Day in the form of 12 red roses. This tradition dates back to before Naomi House opened in 1997, when Mary Cornelius-Reid kindly allowed a hospice to be built on her land in the Sutton Manor Estate. This offer came with two conditions; that the hospice be named after her youngest daughter, Naomi, and that each and every Midsummer’s Day, the hospice pay a peppercorn rent of a dozen red roses. Although Mary passed away in 2014, staff still honour the tradition by presenting a bouquet of flowers to Naomi.

Naomi Cornelius-Reid said: “It’s been wonderful to come back to the hospices and receive the annual rent of 12 red roses this Midsummer’s Day. I’ve really enjoyed talking to everyone and meeting Carys, who handed over the roses so beautifully, with a cheer of excitement and a little cuddle!”

L-R: Carys giving Naomi Cornelius-Reid the 12 red roses

Lesley Brook, Director of Care, presented a thank you speech to mark the occasion. Lesley commented: “We want to say a huge thank you to the Cornelius-Reid family for their ongoing support and generosity. We always look forward to Midsummer’s Day, as it’s an opportunity to celebrate an important part of our history and a chance for us to keep this wonderful tradition alive. Thank you also to Carys for presenting the flowers to Naomi and her brother, David, with such enthusiasm and excitement.”

L-R: Lesley Brook, Director of Care, Naomi Cornelius-Reid, David Cornelius-Reid and Paul Morgan, Director of Fundraising and Communications