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Fancy getting your own back on your boss? Have they gotten too big for their boots? Take part in our very first Jail & Bail to teach them a lesson!

Have your boss arrested, charged with a fictitious crime and placed on trial! If found guilty, they will be handcuffed, photographed and banished to the Chambers, only to be released if they can raise bail of £999.

Prisoners will have access to the internet and phones and must use these to raise their bail money between the hours of 10am-4pm. Forefeits will be given to all prisoners who do not raise the full bail amount.

Prisoners will be held in the 'cells' at The Civic Offices in Basingstoke.

If you and your colleagues want to get involved, please get in touch with Gemma Rolfe on 01962 760060 or email gemma.rolfe@naomihouse.org.uk.


*Please note, you will not be able to make cold calls to raise the bail money and should only contact people you know.*