Introducing the brand new event for 2019... Game On!

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If you're a hardcore online gamer, or if you love a tense game of Monopoly, a last minute game of cards or a hilarious round of charades... then this event is for you! 

All you have to do is play any type of game for an allotted amount of time of your choice over the weekend of 1st-3rd of March. You could go one step further and try and game for 24 hours and raise money by asking for sponsorship!

When you sign up, all we need to know is:

  • How long you will be playing your game for?
  • Will you be playing as an individual or as a group?
  • What type of game will you be playing (online, console, board games, card games, charades, etc...)?

You can play for as little or as much time as you'd like! So you could...

  • Complete a 24hr gaming marathon online with your friends – you can then use Twitch to live stream and ask for donations by sharing your JustGiving page or Facebook Fundraiser.
  • Challenge yourself to a solo card game for a set amount of time
  • Host a gaming evening with your friends and family with lots of snacks - ask everyone who comes along to donate to play!
  • Host a gaming tournament at work and play against each other to be crowned the champion - ask your colleagues to donate to play!

This event is open to absolutely everyone and we'd really love for you to get creative - you can even make up your own games! 

Entry fee and sponsorship:

Entry is just £5 per person - this price includes one of our stylish Naomi House & Jacksplace t-shirts and a little pack to help you with your fundraising efforts.

Join the Game On! event on Facebook for live updates!