Make Your Will Fortnight 2019
28 October - 8 November

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Book an appointment to make your Will with one of our participating solicitors during our Make Your Will Fortnight and have the writing fee waived in return for a donation to Naomi House & Jacksplace!

Perhaps you have a Will already, but need to make some updates? Have you recently moved house? Got married? Had a baby? Become grandparents? Retired? Making a Will is one of the things we all say "we'll do another day". This Make Your Will Fortnight (Monday 28th October - Friday 8th November), book your appointment to secure your loved ones' futures whilst supporting your local hospices.

How it works:

Get in touch directly with a participating solicitor between 28th October and 8th November (not before or after) and arrange a convenient date to visit. You do not have to have the appointment within these two weeks, you just need to call and book it within the fortnight.

At the initial meeting, you'll explain what you want e.g. what assets you have and who you want to benefit. The solicitor will tell you if this can be done as a basic or standard Will. If it can, instead of paying the solicitor a fee, you will be asked to give a suggested donation to Naomi House & Jacksplace. The suggested donation is £130 for an individual Will and £200 for a joint Will.

If what you need requires specialist advice that cannot be included under the scheme, the solicitor will advise of this and give a separate price for that work. All participating solicitors reserve the right to charge you a fee if your Will is not basic or standard.

Participating solicitors:

Below is the list of participating solicitors, including their location, phone number and contact representing the Make Your Will Fortnight at the branch.

**Please note: You will not be able to book an appointment any other time than the fortnight, so please do not call before or after these dates.**

Downie & Gadban Solicitors
Sophie Booker
01420 81271

Parker Bullen Solicitors
Amy Fowler
01264 400500

Wills Chandler Solicitors
Mark Hill & Emma Pilbeam
01256 322911

Brain Chase Coles
Lucy Watson
01256 354481

Kitson & Trotman Solicitors
Tracy Scammell
01308 862313

Kitson & Trotman Solicitors
Rachel Oaten
01308 427436

Solomons Solicitors
Alexandra Livesey
01202 802807

Bournemouth – Christchurch Road
Aldridge Brownlee LLP
Lloyd Thomas
01202 294411

Bournemouth - Moordown
Aldridge Brownlee LLP
Clare Lawson
01202 527008

Christchurch – Highcliffe
Aldridge Brownlee LLP
Andrew Lilley
01425 282150

Richard Webster & Co
Philip Bellamy
02380 004321

Heald Nickinson Solicitors
Mary Wise
01252 716101

Lucy Beck
01425 20625

IOW Bembridge
Bembridge Law Practice
Mark Willey
01983 875859

IOW Ryde
Terrence Willey Law Practice
Anthony Freelove
01983 811222

Lyme Regis
Kitson & Trotman Solicitors
Rachel Oaten or Tracy Scammell
01297 442580

Gardner Leader Solicitors LLP
Megan Ruddle
01635 293621

Rowberry Morris
Brenda Wyatt
0118 982 3779

Blanchards Bailey Solicitors
Helen Parsons
01747 440447

Rowberry Morris
Brenda Wyatt
0118 982 3779

Gardner Leader Solicitors LLP
Megan Ruddle
01635 293621

Kitson & Trotman Solicitors
Stephen Jones
01305 341400

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