However you choose to party, whether it be a family BBQ, a 3 course meal, a cocktail evening or a fete open to the public; we have all the provisions you need to raise money from sweepstakes, party games, recipe ideas and much more. Your fundraising will help make a difference to life-limited and life-threatened children and young adults at Naomi House & Jacksplace.

How do I get involved?

Register your party below to let our fundraising team know. We’ll send you your FREE Party Pack in the post so you can start party planning. Alternatively to register, you can email: or call: 01962 760060.

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Inside your Party Pack

  1. Cake Flags
  2. Selfie Sunglasses
  3. Host Badge
  4. Invitations
  5. Money Box
  6. Disposable Banner
  7. Balloons
  8. Sweepstakes
  9. Delicious recipes

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Choose from a range of party games and yummy recipes to use in your party!

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Great Big Party Ideas

Check out some more Great Big Party Ideas for schools and businesses. 

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